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The band currently uses Andante drums - white in colour. For the first lot of years the band used Pearl drums, however, we felt we should purchase Andante drums as they are at the top at the minute in the band scene. We believe it was the right move to make, they are a high tension snare drum.

Our drums have the 'Core-tec' head. These heads are yellow in colour and many bands in Northern Ireland have changed to this style recently. With any new product, we had problems when we first began to use them. Now the band is of the opinion that these heads give a crisperand clearer sound than other drum heads.

We have a number of bass drums but the two that are road worthy is made by premier. It is hard to find a bass drum that sounds good and that is why we have a number of them. The band badge was painted on by an ex member of the band.

We started with an ordinary design on our bass drum skins. We have went through a number of skins through the fours years, but we came across a fellow Loyalist living in Canada who designs top of the range skins. We decided to try it out and it payed of. The new drum skins look brilliant. To see what Hedley can do, please click here.

We currentley use all metal flutes made by Clifford Rea. These flutes are very high pitched and are used by a lot of Blood and Thunder bands. They are a gold coloured flute with a black mouthpiece. We have used them since we formed and I donít think we will ever change, at least for the time being.